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Love & Guts

Mar 1, 2021

#195 Alana Gardini is a specialist paediatric physiotherapist at All About Physio Nerang on the Gold Coast.

Alana graduated in 2005 from The University of SA and in the years following has developed a love for providing physiotherapy to children of all abilities. She particularly enjoys working with children with Cerebral Palsy, having gained expertise in this specialist field through a wide range of post-graduate training and more than 10 years of experience in specialist disability services, public hospitals and private practices. Alana has worked alongside paediatricians, rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists both nationally and internationally. 

She is trained in Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT), orthotic provision, gait assessment, equipment prescription and hydrotherapy. She has a strong understanding of human movement, and a keen interest in the relationship between the sensory and motor systems. Alana wholeheartedly believes that ‘play’ is the key to helping a child discover their body and to learn how to move ‘better’.

Alana works with adults as well as children, and finds her comprehensive Pilates training an extremely useful tool in providing holistic care to her clients. 

Alana is also the author of the most excellent book / resource called My Strong Little Body. A resource Alana created that really captures what she wants every new parent to know about baby development. How easy it can be to give your ‘little’ one a stronger start (and not a flat head).

In this episode we cover

  • What compelled Alana to write the book My strong little body
  • The link between babies movement and brain development
  • The five major gross motor milestones and what age we expect to see them occur
  • The major concerns parents and Alana have about gross motor development
  • Why they occur and strategies to prevent or correct
  • Tummy time - why we want to encourage it and creative ways we can do TT if baby doesn't take to it
  • Alana's thoughts on footwear
  • What parents can do to support gross motor development
  • And so much more

Alana has generously offered the Love & Guts listener 20% off the My Strong Little Body eBook. Simply use LOVEANDGUTS20 at the checkout