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Love & Guts

Jan 30, 2023

#267 Chloe is a Sydney-based Naturopath specialising in autoimmune health, fertility, gut & thyroid support. 

Chloe’s personal experience with autoimmunity set her on a path to better understand how the immune, gut, and nervous systems come together to create a perfect storm for autoimmune disease development. 

Over the past 10 years working in the health & wellness industry, Chloe has worked as a clinician, health writer & educator, facilitating programs and researching immune dysregulation. 

As a qualified Naturopath and yoga instructor, Chloe is also completing a Master’s of Biomedical Science in her endeavour to marry the mainstream medicine understanding of health with holistic naturopathic care. 

In this episode we cover

  • What Inflammatory bowel disease is and how it differs from IBS
  • The difference between Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Drivers of these diseases and why are they so difficult to treat
  • Go to herbs for supporting IBD patients
  • Other conditions that may occur alongside IBD
  • How gut microbiome testing can be useful to support treatment
  • Other investigations that may be carried out to diagnose IBD if suspected
  • And so much more