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Love & Guts

Sep 29, 2019

#120 Dr Pribyl is the Senior Scientist and Research Officer with biotech company Microba, a leader in the analysis of the gut microbiome. She has expertise in human microbiome research, microbiology, and stress physiology in fish. She also has a passion for science communication to support science informed decision making. Dr Pribyl received her PhD in Fisheries Science in 2010 from Oregon State University, was a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, and was a CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellow before moving to Australia in 2015 where she started working at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics at the University of Queensland in the area of the human microbiome. She has presented at many conferences and seminars to science and laymen audiences.

In this episode we cover

  • Why modern Molecular techniques of stool testing are useful in establishing the ecosystem of the large bowel
  • Just what is a healthy gut microbiome? Is there such thing?
  • Why looking at microbial metabolites excites us so, and how they influence our body
  • What the benefits are of seeing fibre and protein degrading species in the stool
  • What we might see in your poo test if you are on a western diet that is high in fat, processed foods and in low fibre and prebiotics 
  • We expand on LPS, in particular HEXA LPS and how it impacts our health
  • How we can improve microbial diversity, richness
  • and so much more


Show Notes