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Love & Guts

Jan 16, 2023

#266 Dr. Brad Leech is an internationally recognised Integrative Medicine Practitioner with over 10 years of clinical experience. He has taught and developed subjects at leading academic institutions in Integrative Gastroenterology, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, and Public Health Research. Dr. Brad Leech is the Clinical Science Lead at Microba, where his expertise in integrative gastrointestinal healthcare enables him to translate the latest science on the gut microbiome into practical clinical applications. In addition to his research and working with patients, Brad offers practitioner support through his mentoring program Brad’s Brainiacs. 


In this episode we cover

  • A summary of different testing methods used to identify the microbiome and pathogens
  • The latest research on antimicrobials and the microbiome
  • How we can use this research in clinical practice
  • How clinicians can safely and effectively use antimicrobials in clinical practice
  • Herbs that Brad would potentially avoid using altogether as the Risk is not worth the benefit
  • Herbs that nourish the microbiome
  • And so much more