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Love & Guts

Mar 13, 2018

#9  In this Love and Guts episode I chat to Erin Kyna, a self confessed nomad who helps humans transform, tap into their purpose and genius.

Erin Kyna is a personalised health coach and transformational healer, travelling the world, touching hearts, opening minds and guiding people back home to their hearts.

Living as a nomad, she loves whatever is on her path and lives by the daily mantra of asking life to ‘show me who to love today’. And with all that loving comes incredible life experiences and opportunities that she shares with those that are joining her in this miraculous journey of life.

You can get in touch with Erin via her website and on Instagram .

Show Notes


In this episode we cover;

  • What human transformation and spirituality means to Erin
  • How people can transform and connect to their heart regularly
  • How to establish your unique genius and purpose
  • How to break through limiting beliefs and old stories
  • Exciting retreats and workshops that push the boundaries on all of the above
  • and so much more