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Love & Guts

Oct 4, 2021

#225 Greg Schmaus is the CEO of Healing 4D, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Massage Therapist. He is the creator of “Healing The Mind,” a 21 day holistic mental health program. With a fully integrated approach to physical and mental health, Greg supports students across the world in gaining understanding and meaning to their healing journey. 

Through his online programs and personal client coaching, Greg guides students and clients towards higher awareness, empowerment, and freedom in their lives through authentic lifestyle practices. Over the past decade, Greg has coached countless clients with various physical and mental health challenges; integrating the lessons of many of his great teachers and mentors, including Paul Chek and Alberto Villoldo.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why it’s important to balance the nervous system
  • What the connection is between the ego, our belief systems, and the nervous system
  • What are the 4 survival archetypes and how are they related to our personal power
  • What the story gap is and how the story gap is a source of dis-ease 
  • How we align with the story gap
  • What the shadow is and why must we address it to heal
  • How to live in harmony with the laws of nature (rhythms, cycles, seasons, elements)
  • And so much more