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Love & Guts

Dec 11, 2018

#71 How do you indulge during the festive season and on christmas day in a healthy way, without feeling guilty, bloated and heavy afterward? I am going to let you in on a secret.

I never deprive myself, in fact I "indulge" like most but with forethought and a contingency plan.

Let's be honest though, overeating is overeating and I have done a fair share of that on christmas day too which no amount of walking, digestive enzymes or apple cider vinegar can resolve.

In this podcast I share with you ways in which I keep the digestive system humming along during the festive season. They are simple tips but impactful.

This podcast will also serve the person who is currently on a health and wellness plan.

You see If we relied on a in quotes “quiet time” during the year to start our health programs we would never take action.

During the year we are faced with many “special” occasions, from birthdays, weddings, religious celebrations, Christmas in July, bachelor and bachelorette parties and the list goes on.

Instead of waiting for the light to go green or culling your health program altogether why not implement some of these easy steps and have it all?

Festive fun and fantastic health without the brain fog, bloated belly, constipation and tired soul.