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Love & Guts

Sep 1, 2019

#116 Today I am sharing with you a conversation I had with Natalie and Kate from The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast. The role was reversed this time as I was the one being interviewed.

I will let these fabulous women introduce thine self but to give you a wee bit of insight, this conversation centres around how gut health influences the mood and how the mood influences gut health.

Lynda Griparic is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Podcaster, Writer and Yoga teacher with close to 20 years of experience in the health industry. Lynda specialises in digestive health, namely SIBO and constipation.

She has extensive experience in running healthy, effective and sustainable bowel care programs and has expertise in investigating and treating the underlying causes of gut disturbance. Lynda has an intense interest in poo and she’s also the creator of the delicious BetterMe Tea a tea designed to promote improved gut health and digestion – assisting those who struggle with constipation and sluggish bowel movements to go to the bathroom with ease.

 In this episode we cover

  • How the microbiota impacts our mood
  • The relationship between the microbiota and our mood
  • What the heck is endotoxemia and LPS and why you need to know about it
  • Dietary practices that are potentially negatively impact our microbiota and therefore our mood
  • How you can support the gut and brain relationship?
  • How stool testing can help navigate treatment for a depressed or anxious individual What parameters we want to look out for in the stool

At present I personally use the shotgun metagenomics sequencing method of testing poo as its really sensitive. It detects genes from bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa and viruses from your poo and even detects to the species and strain level.

As you can imagine this gives me a whole bunch of information that along with your case history and current state of health, helps me navigate your treatment or wellness plans.

If shotgun metagenomics stool testing and improving your gut health sounds like something you want to explore with me, simply schedule in a naturopathic | Nutrition consultation, by heading to my website and jump onto the book an appointment page. Or send an email to 


An added bonus is that my consultations are run online which means it does not matter where you are located, I can work with you.