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Love & Guts

Oct 11, 2019

#122 Norman Robillard, Ph.D., Founder of the Digestive Health Institute is a leading gut health expert. He is a microbiologist, the author of Fast Tract Digestion book series and publisher of the Fast Tract Diet mobile app. He is the creator of the drug and antibiotics free Fast Tract Diet for functional gastrointestinal disorders, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and related conditions. 

The Fast Tract Diet was presented at Digestive Disease Week in 2013 to give gastroenterologists a drug-free option and has been endorsed by the New York Times Best Seller Co-author, Dr. Michael Eades, GI Surgeon, Dr. Alan Hu as well as other healthcare providers and certified nutritionists.


In this episode we cover

  • What the research says the real root cause of acid reflux is
  • What is GERD/GORD
  • What the fast TractDiet is and why it's useful for heartburn sufferers
  • What’s the link between SIBO and GERD
  • Strategies for successfully treating GERD
  • Strategies to improve microbiome diversity (richness and evenness)
  • And so much more