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Love & Guts

Sep 21, 2019

#119 Rhiannon is an experienced fertility naturopath, presenter, practitioner mentor and author, and a lead member of the specialist team of multi-disciplinary practitioners at Melbourne’s Fertile Ground Health Group. Rhiannon is committed to the successful integration of natural and conventional medicine, regularly working alongside Melbourne’s top fertility doctors to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. 

After her many years of experience and education in the area of infertility and IVF support, Rhiannon provides professional mentoring for naturopaths in both group and individual settings. This highly specialised area is outside the scope of standard naturopathic education and as such, her mentoring program at Fertile Ground Health Group is a rare opportunity for naturopaths to further their skills.

Alongside her colleagues at Fertile Ground Health Group, Rhiannon has recently co-authored a new book, Create A Fertile Life. This comprehensive pre-conception healthcare guide for both patients and practitioners, is set to become a staple for those wishing to overcome infertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy. 

In this episode we cover

  • All things male infertility
  • Why there has been a progressive decline in sperm count
  • What impacts sperm quality and count 
  • If hydrotherapy, ice baths and coffee impact sperm health
  • Why semen quality is known as a biomarker of male health
  • Semen analysis testing - what to look out for
  • How thyroid function affects sperm health
  • Rhiannon’s strategies for improving male fertility

Show Notes