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Love & Guts

Jul 24, 2018

#38 Why is everyone talking about functional medicine?

In his 13 years as a Naturopath, Laurence Katsaras has developed a passion for achieving optimal patient outcomes through applying natural healthcare principals, personalising patient care and prescribing validated and traditional herbal and nutritional medicines.

As the Technical Support Manager at Metagenics, Laurence has spent years guiding a large team of natural medicine practitioners to deliver industry-leading clinical advice and research support to doctors, pharmacists and natural medicine practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand. As a renowned presenter and educator in the field, Laurence merge his clinical experience and research findings into practical suggestions that can help people achieve their health goals.

In this episode we cover

  • What functional medicine is
  • Why we need it
  • How functional medicine is different from conventional medicine
  • Why regular support, interaction and “touch points” are important in order for people to change behaviour and do the work health practitioners advise
  • How the psychosocial aspect of our lives impact our healing and treatment success
  • Where health practitioners can go to learn more about Functional Medicine education