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Love & Guts

Apr 21, 2018

#16 Dr. Nicholas Meyer is a holistic biological general dentist with a special emphasis on the care and treatment of the chronic pain and inflamed patient. He practices in Scottsdale, Arizona. Employing physiologic principles and a whole smattering of high tech diagnostic and treatment equipment.

He has lectured nationally and internationally on topics of Holistic Dentistry. His recently released book: The Holistic Dental Matrix; How Teeth Can Control Your Health and Well-Being; is the world’s
most definitive guide to holistic dentistry. Dr. Meyer is currently working on a clinical research project. The microbial relationship of infected jawbone lesions and general ill-being. 


In this episode we cover;


  • What Holistic Dentistry and the Holistic Dental Matrix is
  • How issues with our teeth and gums affect our GI health
  • What the health consequences of teeth grinding and snoring are
  • What TMD or TMJ is and why we should care
  • How problems in the TMD contribute to HPA dysregulation
  • How nutrition affects our teeth, gums and overall oral cavity
  • We go deep on all things mercury amalgams. Should we keep them in or safely remove them?
  • We get into ozone therapy, fluoride and so much more