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Love & Guts

Feb 27, 2019

#85 Today I am flying solo. I’ll be delving into a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Bowel movements. In particular what your poo is trying to tell you. I’ve titled this episode the “toilet bowl confessions”

If you have yet to listen to my previous short solo podcasts on the topic of constipation and bowel behaviour, simply jump on my podcast channel and search for the constipation series or if SIBO is of interest I have been interviewed specifically on this topic also and you can find interviews on SIBO in my selection of interviews too.

I’m aware that many of you may be quite new to me so here’s a little bit of my background. My name is Lynda Griparic and I’m a Self professed ‘poo whisperer’,  naturopath and nutritionist.

My journey with poo and gut health started in my early 20’s and, as is a common trait of twenty somethings, I strived to achieve an image of what ‘healthy’ looked like.

Physically I looked happy, healthy and displayed all the right signs of someone who looked after themselves but something wasn’t quite right. I begun to notice that at times it would be hard for me to completely empty my bowels - a frustrating symptom for someone so busy and energetic.

Studying amongst other practitioners it had become clear that my passion was gut health, but more specifically constipation. Faced with an overall feeling of heaviness, lethargy and a little bit of embarrassment I realised I wanted to help others let go of the shame that constipation brings.

When I began to delve deeper I soon discovered that constipation was almost an epidemic.

Many were suffering...mostly in silence. Unfortunately the repercussions of leaving constipation unattended aren’t limited to the short term. Quick fixes such as laxatives can be detrimental to one’s health and mask what may be a bigger problem at hand. The long term consequences of avoiding seeking medical help for constipation can be extremely harmful and scary words like chronic disease could come into play down the track.

So, after a conversation with my husband I announced I wanted to work with constipated people. You can imagine his surprise. And that is how I came to develop BetterMe Tea - a tea designed to promote improved gut health and digestion - assisting those who struggle with constipation and sluggish bowel movements go to the bathroom with ease.

As well as being the ‘poo whisperer’ I am a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, yoga teacher and wellness practitioner. My qualifications and personal experience with constipation have helped me help clients struggling with the battle of misbehaving poos find relief and move on with their lives - sans constipation!

Show Notes