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Love & Guts

Jun 7, 2020

#157 Dr Pribyl is the Senior Scientist and Research Officer with biotech company Microba, a leader in the analysis of the gut microbiome. She has expertise in human microbiome research, microbiology, and stress physiology in fish. 

She also has a passion for science communication to support science informed decision making. Dr Pribyl received her PhD in Fisheries Science in 2010 from Oregon State University, was a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, and was a CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellow before moving to Australia in 2015 where she started working at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics at the University of Queensland in the area of the human microbiome. She has presented at many conferences and seminars to science and laymen audiences.

Microba is offering the Love And Guts listener $50 off your first gut microbiome, Microba Insights stool test. 

All you need to do is schedule in an initial naturopathy | nutrition consultation with me and I will provide you with a code to use to receive your special offer. During this consultation I will run through your microbiome insights report when the results are in

I would hurry though as this offer only lasts until June the 30th 2020.


In this episode we cover;

  • What discoveries/ advancements have been made in gut microbiome research so far?
  • The link between the gut microbiome and disease
  • Factors that influence the gut microbiome
  • Where gut microbiome research is headed
  • What is happening in the therapeutics space and when will we start to see microbiome-based therapeutics?
  • And so much more
  • Don’t forget to take up the offer of $50 off your gut microbiome test. This offer expires 30th June