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Love & Guts

May 3, 2021

#203 Alex is an Institute For Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner with a MSc in Personalised Nutrition and a BSc in Nutritional Therapy.

He is also:

  • Co-founder of Healthpath, an at-home functional gut testing company
  • Co-founder of The Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Program.
  • Chief Wellness Officer at Exhale Coffee - a healthy coffee hand picked for its chlorogenic acid content (the good stuff!)

Currently Alex is finalising his studies in Transformational Life Coaching.

After a powerful experience combining breathwork and psychedelics towards the end of 2019, Alex is also currently training to become a Transformational Breathwork Practitioner and has recently started a 12 month psychedelic practitioner program with The Synthesis Institute.

In this episode we discuss all things psychedelics, in particular:

  • Alex shares his powerful psychedelic and breathwork experience
  • What psychedelics have the most research, particularly for mental health
  • The impact of psychedelics on the gut-brain axis
  • How Alex see’s health practitioners, or himself safely integrate them
  • Are there any concerns for their use (risks or side effects)
  • Who should be avoiding them
  • Where is regulation at with psychedelics
  • We were so in the moment that we forgot to discuss micro and macro dosing
  • And so much more