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Love & Guts

Sep 27, 2021

#224 Dawn Whitten is a Naturopath, Western Herbalist, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Researcher and Educator. Passionate about protecting and nurturing the microbiome of the next generation, Dawn has a broad base of clinical experience with a focus on women’s health through pregnancy and beyond, as well as infant and toddler health. She has been in clinical practice for 16+ years.


Dawn has been published in the peer-reviewed literature and has contributed to clinical textbooks (Including the Breastfeeding chapter in the soon to be published Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, Elsevier). Dawn co-coordinates two units within the Evidence-based Complementary Medicine Program in the College of Health & Medicine at the University of Tasmania. She is part of the research team at and a clinical director at Goulds Natural Medicine in Hobart.


In this episode we cover:

  • Why the first 1000 days of a newborn's life is crucial for shaping long term health
  • What sort of health issues are linked to early microbiome disturbance
  • How much an infant's microbiome is disturbed when mothers take antibiotics
  • The stages of early microbiome development
  • How is the infant colonised? Seeding?
  • Why breastmilk is the ultimate gardener
  • How does the microbiome of formula fed infants differ
  • How do we support and optimise seeding
  • And so much more

Show Notes