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Love & Guts

Sep 19, 2022

#258 Dr. Drossman is trained in gastroenterology and psychiatry and is an internationally recognized scientist, clinician, and educator in DGBIs and communication skills training. He is the founder, former president, and currently COO of the Rome Foundation. He is Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Psychiatry in Gastroenterology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also president of DrossmanCare, which develops workshops and training programs in communication skills, and he sees patients with complex DGBIs in his gastroenterology practice.

Johannah Ruddy is a highly-recognized patient advocate with a background in education and management of non-profit health organizations. She is the executive director of the Rome Foundation and is on the Board of Directors of DrossmanCare. As Executive Director, she coordinates operations and educational programs. With DrossmanCare, she facilitates workshops in patient-centered care and is a simulated patient in videos on communication skills. 

In this episode we cover

  • Why they wrote the book - Gut Feelings -  the patient's story. 
  • New insights that were gained as a health practitioner from hearing patients' stories
  • Johannah’s personal healthcare experience. The impact it has had on her healing
  • The biggest gaps in the patient-practitioner relationship 
  • How we can have an excellent patient-practitioner relationship
  • We run through some case studies
  • And so much more