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Love & Guts

Dec 5, 2022

#264 Dr. Paula Smith-Brown is the Clinical Science Lead at Microba and an Adjunct Lecturer at Centre for Microbiome Research at The Queensland University of Technology. She is a PhD qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian who combines her experience as a microbiome researcher and healthcare professional to translate the latest science on the gut microbiome into practical clinical application. 

In this episode we cover

  • How microbial dysbiosis plays a role in IBS
  • If the microbiome is different in those with IBS
  • The impact a low FODMAP diet has on the microbiome
  • FODMAP food reintroduction. How to tackle this if a patient has been on a low fodmap diet for some time
  • If we can predict a response to a low FODMAP diet based on microbiome
  • Strategies and interventions
  • And so much more