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Love & Guts

Mar 7, 2022

#244 Georgia is a naturopath and nutritionist with 17 years’ experience who's clinical practice specialises in women’s health, particularly hormone imbalance and fertility and conception issues as well as pregnancy and postpartum support.

She has a Masters in Human Nutrition,  Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med) and Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine) and has also completed post graduate training in Women’s Health with Dr Andrew Orr and is part of The Experts Group specialising in PCOS, Endometriosis and Fertility.

In this episode we cover

  • An overview of iron metabolism
  • What hepcidin is
  • General factors that affect how hepcidin works or doesn’t work in the body 
  • How hepcidin and iron metabolism change over the menstrual cycle in reproductive-aged women
  • General factors and women-specific clinical considerations that need to be considered when looking at women’s iron status 
  • When the best time is to test and how do we dose effectively
  • And so much more