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Love & Guts

Apr 27, 2018

#17 Audra Starkey is a Shift Work Veteran, Accredited Trainer and Clinical Nutritionist living in Brisbane. With over 18 years’ experience working shift work including 3 years as a Trainer for one of Australia’s largest employers of shift workers – Qantas, Audra knows first-hand how hard it is to work irregular rosters and shift rotations – and remain healthy too!

Her passion for health and nutrition in a shift working environment stemmed largely from her own personal struggles, which led her to establish The Healthy Shift Worker – a website designed specifically to assist those struggling to stay healthy despite working 24/7.

Audra now works with individuals both here in Australia and all around the world, helping shift workers to improve their health via her signature 'Better Sleep Intensive Program – Exclusively For Shift Workers'.


In this episode we cover;


  • The health challenges and consequences shift workers face
  • How sleep deprivation impacts our digestive function
  • How toxins (brainwashing) are removed from our brain during sleep and how this impacts our health when not cleared properly
  • Strategies shift workers can implement to overcome some shift working assaults on the body and mind
  • Why Audra is driven to help shift workers stay on top of their health
  • And so much more