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Love & Guts

Sep 20, 2021

#223 Kim Morrison is passionate about human behavior and natural therapies. She has dedicated her life to educating the end-user on aromatherapy along with the critical importance of self-love. Kim is 5 times best-selling author with her most recent award-winning book ‘The Art Of Self Love. She is the founder of Twenty8 Essentials and is a multi-tasking wife and mum. With two aspiring athletic children, one a ballerina and the other a rugby player, Kim is married to former NZ Cricketer Danny Morrison who, as a family, moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2006.

With athletic goals herself, she played netball to state level and then took up the crazy sport of ultra -marathon running. In her early 20’s she set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours. She went on to represent Australia at the world indoor 24-hour championships in the UK, where she set 8 Australian records in 1990. Along with her one-on-one Breakthrough Coaching Sessions, she also runs a private, online ‘Self Love and Wellness Mentorship’ program and is the host of the popular ‘Self Love Podcast’.

In this episode we cover

  • What self-love is
  • If self-love is an easy concept to grasp and implement in the younger generation
  • How we can nurture the self-love concept and daily actions in our kids
  • Self-sabotage - is it inevitable and how to move forward from this
  • How to change the narrative and rewire the brain in order to experience a new reality
  • How we can cultivate self-love daily
  • And so much more