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Love & Guts

Mar 6, 2020

#144 In 1984, Belinda Wurn learned she had cancer of the cervix. She survived after months of radiation therapy, but the treatments left her lower abdomen, pelvis, and lower back adhered and scarred. All of her pelvic organs had become adhered to surrounding tissues and structures, limiting her mobility and causing significant pain. With her husband, Larry Wurn, they searched for relief by studying with physicians and physical therapists around the US and abroad who did different types of hands-on techniques.  After taking many courses in manual physical therapy, they found their first glimmer of hope – the manual techniques improved the pain. Together, they developed a protocol of over 200 manual therapy techniques called the Wurn Technique® and opened their own clinics, first Professional Touch Physical Therapy, and then Clear Passage Physical Therapies. By 1990, they discovered that the therapy could open blocked fallopian tubes when a chronic pain patient became pregnant (despite being infertile for 7 years). They continued to treat women diagnosed infertile and found that despite high FSH, advanced age, or complications from PCOS or endometriosis, they had excellent results in achieving pregnancy. After several case studies and scientific publications, they have the data to support these incredible claims. Larry and Belinda never have a child of their own – but through their physical therapy clinic they treated thousands of women by clearing the internal adhesions causing their fertility struggles. Lo and behold, these women successfully conceived after their natural, holistic, hands-on therapy. You could say that Belinda and Larry “created” over 1,000 miracle babies.

In this episode we cover

  • How the Wurn technique / Clear Passage therapy  was discovered
  • What adhesions are
  • The medical conditions caused by adhesions
  • How we assess for adhesions 
  • Why adhesions don't show up on diagnostic testing
  • The common causes of adhesions
  • How the Wurn technique / Clear passage method works
  • Belinda and Larry share some of the scientific research around the clear passage method
  • Why someone might experience toe-curling or first-time-ever orgasms; or even dramatic increases of desire or lubrication when undergoing such therapy
  • How small bowel obstruction is different to constipation
  • And so much more