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Love & Guts

Aug 31, 2018

#54 Why would we ever consider putting leeches on our body? A topic I discuss with Dr Jimi Wollumbin in this Love & Guts podcast episode.

Did you know that leeches are considered a registered medical device?

Whether he is presenting at the UN or at a village health co-operative in rural India, Jimi is always a highly engaging speaker, writer and educator.

With 19 years clinical experience and almost as much in community development, Jimi combines his deep knowledge of holistic medicine with a passion for social causes and world health. As the social entrepreneur that founded One Health Organisation in 2005, he has since steered it to become the largest holistic and integrative healthcare NGO in the world - having distributed roughly 9 metric tonnes of medicine to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged communities across the globe.

Jimi’s private clients value his obvious passion for traditional medical practices and the way in which he combines aspects of the traditions of India, China, Tibet and Persia that continue to inspire him.  

In this episode we cover

  • The motivation behind practicing Hirudotherapy otherwise known as medical leech therapy
  • Why  Leech therapy is worthy of anyone’s time
  • How it works
  • Where Jimi gets his medicinal worms from
  • If there is a situation where one would not use Leech Therapy'
  • The results that Jimi gets with this therapy
  • What a Hirudotherapy session looks and feels like
  • So much more