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Love & Guts

Apr 12, 2020

#149 Moira Bradfield, founder of Intimate Ecology clinical and education services, is a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and educator with over 18 years clinical experience. She has a passion for helping people experience optimal health in sustainable and sensible ways. Clinically she has a niche interest in recurrent vaginal infections, the vaginal microbiome and their associated impact in health and disease.

In 2019 Moira is embarking on formal research with Griffith University as part of commencement of PhD studies in the area of the vaginal microbiome and conditions of vaginal dysbiosis.

In this episode we cover

  • Why Moira is so interested in vaginal/ vulval health
  • The changes that commonly occur in the vagina and vulva during menopause
  • How this presents symptomatically
  • Aerobic vaginitis. What is it and how does it present in menopause
  • How does it differ from BV
  • Clinical treatment for aerobic vaginitis and menopause