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Love & Guts

Jul 30, 2018

#41 How do you speak your message with impact and heart. Sam Buckingham believes everyone has a message and helps coaches, senior executives and leaders speak with power, authority and impact. She helps fine tune their performance, by developing skills and techniques beyond the bounds of traditional public speaking.

Using powerful, proven communication and voice techniques, Sam helps leaders transform their vocal power for maximum influence, stature and authority online and off. Sam knows how to captivate a room with her voice, command authority with her speech and craft and make an impact with her presence.

Sam spent 12 years studying speech and drama and has used her voice professionally for over two decades. She has culminated her years of experience and knowledge into practical programs to help sassy and driven leaders perform at their best.

In this episode we cover

  • What the qualities of powerful speaking are
  • How we can speak powerfully
  • How speaking powerfully can help us both in keynote presentations and in our daily life
  • We chat about Communication - how we communicate poorly, how to avoid being awkward, ways we can communicate well to improve connection etc
  • Why tone is important for credibility
  • And so much more