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Love & Guts

Jan 18, 2021

#189 Dr. Mona Morstein has been a naturopathic physician for thirty-one years. She graduated from and did a residency at National College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She was Chair of Nutrition, Gastroenterology professor and Clinical Supervisor at a naturopathic medical school.  She now has her own clinic, Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, in Tempe, AZ.

Dr. Morstein has a busy gastrointestinal focused medical practice. She has been on all three SIBO SOS Summit series and has done numerous webinars/lectures on SIBO and other gastrointestinal conditions. 

Dr. Morstein is recognized as an expert on diabetes. Her 560 page book “Master Your Diabetes: A Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes,” is an in-depth, evidenced based, educational book for both patients and physicians.  She is the founder and Executive Director of the Low Carb Diabetes Association, a 501c3 education non-profit.

I have wanted to get Mona on for some time now as I have seen many of her lectures and just love the way in which she delivers well researched information so clearly and with much enthusiasm. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How common gallstones and cholecystectomies are
  • The main reasons people get their gallbladder out
  • Who is at most risk of developing gallstones
  • The different types of gallstones that exist
  • What Biliary Colic and cholecystitis is
  • The best way to assess for gallstones
  • Treatments for gallstones - conventional medicine and functional medicine 
  • And so much more