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Love & Guts

Jan 3, 2019

#76 Why is our current way of approaching self defence ineffective for the most part? Otto Heutling is an inspirational and empowering keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on everything women need to know about personal safety. 

Starting his martial arts journey almost 35 years ago, Otto has been teaching practical self-defence for almost 20 years as one of the most experienced instructors of IWKA Australia (Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association), an established worldwide organisation with emphasis on developing your mind, body and energy.

He designed the FemPowerment trainings and presentations after teaching for many years and realising that firstly, people really don’t understand the “rules” of self-defence (much like road rules, which fortunately people do learn about, especially if they want to drive) and secondly, most self-defence training available today is inadequate and incomplete.

In fact, real self-defence is more about empowerment than fighting techniques. Otto’s own sister was sexually assaulted as a teenager and he is passionate about spreading his knowledge, because he knows that with it such situations can be prevented.

He stresses the importance of using the underlying principles, not only in potentially dangerous situations, but more importantly on a daily basis in all of life. This knowledge empowers women not only to be safer, but to live life more fully, happily and on their terms. The FemPowerment trainings and presentations are educational, fun and engaging from start to finish.FemPowerment is different! It is holistic - it is concise - it is effective!

In this episode we cover

  • Why FemPowerment was created
  • What self defence training involves
  • What commonly happens before an attack and how can we prevent it
  • How do women commonly approach an attack or intimidation and why is it ineffective
  • Is self defence all about learning fighting techniques or martial art
  • Is fear helpful or a hindrance when it comes to self defence
  • How intuition supports our self defence
  • How can we set our boundaries with good communication
  • And plenty more