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Love & Guts

Oct 21, 2018

#63 When many of us consider women's health we often think only about reproduction and periods but did you know that  Female hormones affect every aspect of health including insulin, muscles, and metabolism.

This Love & Guts episode brings forth a bit of a treat. I have two fabulous naturopathic practitioners on the cast with me. Kira Sutherland and Lara Briden. Both of which specialise in women’s health. 

In the episode we cover

  • What motivates them to educate women on why they shouldn't be treated as small men
  • Why  medical and nutritional studies have largely excluded women
  • How women can fuel and train for different phases of the menstrual cycle for optimum results
  • Our thoughts on the ketogenic and vegan diet when it comes to women's health
  • How healthy hormone production requires a different nutritional strategy in women compared to men
  • We also chat about the must attend event in the Gold Coast and New Zealand in November. This event will be  on Women, Hormones, Exercise and Health. I am hoping to make it there myself and hope to see you there.
  • And so very much more