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Love & Guts

Nov 14, 2021

#230 Dr. Allison Siebecker is a professor of Advanced Gastroenterology, an international lecturer, researcher, award-winning author, and the 2021 lifetime achievement Borborygmus award recipient from the Gastroenterology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Siebecker has specialized in SIBO since 2010, is a SIBO patient herself, and is a pioneer of integrative SIBO treatments and education, including her free educational website

In this episode we cover

  • New Hydrogen Sulphide Research - including testing, symptom picture, treatment etc
  • Hydrogen Sulphide research
  • Allison's thoughts on the title Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth versus methane SIBO
  • The link between mould and tough cases of SIBO
  • We discuss biofilm disruptors - are we using the correct ones?
  • and so much more


Show notes