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Love & Guts

Feb 13, 2018

#4 Constipation is one of the leading symptoms of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and can be a highly frustrating experience for many SIBO patients. I chat to Rebecca Coomes from The Healthy Gut podcast to discuss what it is, why we develop it, and what we can do about it once we start experiencing it.

In Today’s Episode

We discuss:

✓ What constipation actually is and why there are different types of constipation?

✓ How we know if we have it, even if we’re going to the toilet every day.

✓ Why it is important to poop and what the consequences are of not pooping regularly

✓ Why some SIBO patients get constipated and others don’t

✓ What we can do to improve regularity

✓ What to do when diet and lifestyle modifications aren’t enough


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