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Love & Guts

Feb 22, 2019

#84 Tom Fabian,  is a functional nutrition practitioner, educator and speaker, and he currently serves as a consultant for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. He is a former research scientist with in-depth expertise in the role of the microbiome in health, disease and aging. 

He has developed online educational programs for practitioners seeking in-depth education in the microbiome and related topics. He also has extensive experience in the areas of aging and health-span optimisation, both through his previous research experience as well as his more recent experience as a functional health practitioner.

In this episode we cover

  • What autoimmunity is and what typically drives it
  • How dysbiosis in the GUT and intestinal permeability contributes to autoimmunity
  • The importance of secretory IGA
  • What the common autoimmune associated microbes are
  • What beneficial bacteria we want to have good levels of to support immune function and resolve dysbiosis
  • How we can promote beneficial commensals
  • And so much more