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Love & Guts

May 8, 2018

#21 In this episode of Love & Guts I speak with Garin Aglietti, a worm farmer who helps people rebalance their gut ecology with intestinal worms. He has spent much time researching and experimenting on himself the impact that worms have on a human's health. Now Garin works at the worm therapy clinic in Mexico and helps many restore gut ecology with helminth therapy.

In this episode we cover; 

  • What worm (helminth) therapy is
  • How worms can improve our health. What they do in our ecosystem.
  • Where the worms used in therapy come from and the different types that exist.
  • We chat about whether you could administer worm therapy yourself.
  • If there is any conditions or circumstances where worm therapy should be avoided.
  • Stress testing of your intestinal epithelial integrity
  • And so much more