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Love & Guts

Aug 2, 2019

#112 Dr. Lise Alschuler is a naturopathic doctor with board certification in naturopathic oncology. She practices out of Naturopathic Specialists, LLC

She is the Executive Director of TAP Integrative, a nonprofit web-based educational resource for integrative practitioners.  

Dr. Lise Alschuler is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine where she is on the faculty of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. 

She co-hosts a radio show, Five To Thrive Live! and is co-founder of the iTHRIVE Plan, a lifestyle app for cancer survivors. 

She has been an invited speaker to more than 100 scientific/medical conferences, has authored numerous articles and book chapters, and has been co-investigator on several research studies. 

She is co-author of Definitive Guide to Cancer, now in its 3rd edition, and Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer. 

In this episode we cover

  • How conventional oncology differs from integrative/ functional oncology
  • The integrative approach to cancer treatment, recovery and prevention
  • Why education of nutrition, movement and stress needs to happen as early as childhood and in adolescence
  • If clinical nutrition is important when it comes to cancer treatment and prevention
  • How to address mindset and environmental toxins while undergoing active treatment or prevention of cancer
  • We discuss some factors that people can focus on post successful treatment to prevent reoccurrence
  • And plenty more

Show Notes