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Love & Guts

Jun 29, 2018

#29 Dr. Margie Smith is a Molecular Geneticist with over 20 years experience in Neurogenetics and Cancer genetics. She has worked in major teaching hospitals in New Zealand and Australia.

Specifically Margie worked with families affected by early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and more recently in the diagnostic screening for heritable breast, breast/ovarian cancer and rare cancers.

In addition, she developed screening methods for Molecular Microbiology and Haematology within Pathology services.

Margie has published in the areas of both cancer and neurogenetics and she has recently contributed to the publication Dementia. Margie is also a published Author releasing Gene Genius in 2015.

In 2009 Margie became the co-founder of a Nutritional Genomics company in Australia called smartDNA. This company has established affordable, Predictive and Preventative Nutrition based genetic and microbiome testing for practitioners and their clients. 

SmartDNA’s Nutritional profiling is personalised and covers a broad range of health areas to enable practitioners to employ targeted approaches to health. SmartDNA is successfully challenging the one size fits approach to nutrition and health.


In this episode we cover;

  • The difference between a polymorphism and a mutation
  • Why it benefits us to know our genetic profile and how genetic testing can be an important part of preventative health
  • What nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics is and how it influences our gene expression and overall health
  • The COMT gene aka the worrier or warrior gene
  • A gene that Margie would like to see us pay more attention to
  • Margie Shares what she would like to see happen with DNA testing
  • And so much more

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