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Love & Guts

Mar 31, 2018

#11 Paulette is a highly skilled and experienced Internationally Certified Communication Trainer with an extensive background in education and psychology.  Since embracing Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication / NVC in 2002, and personally experiencing its benefits for her own parenting and relationships, Paulette became an enthusiastic advocate. Following extensive study and training with Dr Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication, Paulette went on to become one of only 12 Internationally Certified NVC Trainers in Australia. An exceptional facilitator, Paulette’s trainings in effective communication, conflict resolution, emotional and relational intelligence are demonstrably effective and are sought after by professionals, individuals and couples, parents, community groups and organisations. 

In this episode we cover;


  • What Non Violent Communication is and its principles
  • How NVC changes the way you communicate with yourself and others
  • How NVC can change your life
  • How NVC can help you cultivate more empathy for yourself
  • How we can have more empathy for ourselves
  • How emails and text communication can be violent
  • and so much more