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Love & Guts

Jul 5, 2021

#212 Steve is an engineer who developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help combat the incredible digestion issues he had since he was 13 years old. Then, he ordered his first supplements and started his first diet, but by 23 he was crying daily in bloating pain. The panic attacks, depression, and constipation were threatening his “successful” life as a consultant.

After years of struggle, Steve discovered the secret to gut health and started the SCD diet with his co-founder, Jordan. They’ve now released their own range of supplements and give detailed plans of the SCD diet so that other people can feel the benefits of good gut health, too.

  • What are Short Chain Fatty Acids and why do they matter
  • How butyrate heals the gut
  • If certain diets such as high protein, low carb (or other) impact production of Butyrate
  • Can you get Butyrate from food
  • Who should supplement it
  • Strategies to improve short-chain fatty acid production
  • and so much more