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Love & Guts

Mar 11, 2018

#8 Manuela Boyle is a consultant clinician of Functional and Integrative Health.

She is also a Keynote speaker/guest speaker and a Consultant mentor to MDs, NDs DOs on best practices-patient safety and evidence-based research

Manuela has 4 different practice locations across the globe (QLD, Sri Lanka, Milan, Dubai) and is a pioneer in her field.

Manuela has featured in a documentary called The Truth About Cancer, a game changing film that I highly recommend you watch and share it with someone in your life who may have cancer or knows someone who does.


In this episode we cover;

  • What integrated oncology is
  • If cancer is a genetic or epigenetic disease
  • What the hallmarks of cancer are
  • What the common risk factors are
  • How clinical nutrition impacts prevention and treatment
  • If a ketogenic diet is suitable for all types of cancer
  • What about meat consumption and cancer?
  • Cannabis oil and other ingredients that we commonly see used in cancer tx and prevention
  • And so very much more


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The Truth About Cancer Website

The Truth About Cancer Documentary episode 1

The Truth About Cancer Documentary episode 2