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Love & Guts

Nov 17, 2018

#67 What is a "broken brain" and how can we repair it? Dr.Tom O’Bryan is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and metabolic disorders, teaching that the underlying mechanisms that trigger the development of chronic disease are the key to health. He has trained and certified tens of thousands of practitioners around the world in advanced understanding of the impact of wheat sensitivity and the development of individual autoimmune diseases.

He holds teaching faculty positions with The Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. His 2016 groundbreaking book, The Autoimmune Fix, won the National Book Award and ranked first in several categories on Amazon. The book outlines the step-by-step development of degenerative diseases and gives us the tools to identify our disease process years before the symptoms are obvious.

His recent book You CAN fIX YOUR BRAIN IS A  a step-by-step approach to better cognitive function. No matter what your current brain health state may be, You Can Fix Your Brain will enable and empower you to take concrete steps that will make an immediate difference in your brain’s vitality, clarity, and energy.

Dr. O’Bryan is founder of and the visionary behind The Gluten Summit: A Grain of Truth, which brings together 29 of the world’s experts on the gluten connection to diseases, disorders, and a wide range of symptoms.

In this episode we cover


  • Why Dr Tom was driven to write You Can Fix Your Brain and work in the area of brain health
  • What a broken brain is and what the underlying mechanism is that connects all of these representations
  • The common triggers of brain dysfunction
  • What molecular mimicry is and why it is the most common cause of brain dysfunction.
  • What a leaky brain is and how we can test for it
  • The link between herpes and Alzheimer's disease
  • The signs that indicate our brain health may need attention
  • We delve into the world of the Gut - Brain axis. The communication that occurs between gut and the brain
  • The fascinating link between the LDL cholesterol and LPS
  • Ways that we can optimise our brain health
  • Biomarkers to consider if we suspect our brain aint firing optimally.