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Love & Guts

Jun 27, 2019

#105 Rachel Favilla is a Nutritionist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and Author of the playful, cheeky and charismatic ‘health and lifestyle’ book ; Periods, Poo and A Glorious You

Rachel’s  mission is to demonstrate - through being her daggy, down-to-earth self - that ‘wellness’ needn’t be stereotypical or obligatory. 

She believes that optimising happiness by nourishing all corners of your life is fun, as is preventing disease by having enough self respect to care for your mind-blowingly loyal body. 

Rachel is a food nerd and yoga-addict who proves by example that nurturing one’s self IS wildly entertaining and ridiculously gratifying.

In this fun episode we cover

  • What drove Rachel to write Periods Poo and A Glorious You
  • Rachel takes us down the Gastrointestinal field trip 
  • The things that are “disrespectful” to our digestive function
  • Simple ways that we could encourage harmonious human manufacturing daily
  • How yoga and breath help encourage healthy digestive function
  • And so much more